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Choose from our wide selection of programs, sessions and interventions. Mix classroom and experiential learning events to energize your participant teams.


No two organizations use the same language, practice the same policies the same way, share the same values or employ the same strategic action plans.


It makes sense to jg+a that each organization should expect a customized intervention and not a canned package or a pre-designed agenda that may have worked for some other Company.


We use your language, your values and your needs to design your targeted results.


Recognizing that most participant groups are adult learners we steer away from lecture and captive in-class learning.

Because every organization has people with different learning speeds and requirements, jg+a designs multiple learning styles within each and every session. Never will one of your employees sit in the same spot for more than 45 minutes!

Experiential learning is the wonderful experience of 'doing' instead of listening to or watching. Aristotle said, "To do - is to learn", and his wisdom still holds true today.

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