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Teambuilding & Team Building Activities

teambuildingWhen organizations overachieve it is almost always because of the power of teaming. Multi-disciplined teams with a single focus on a particular goal are unstoppable.

We help make the transfer from a good group of individuals to a great team! jg+a develops the skills and competencies that support great teaming. Business teams, project teams, organizational teams, specialty teams, athletic and cross-functional teams all require in-depth learning & development.

Check out our new ASPIRE Teambuilding Program.

Great teams win! 


Leadership Development

Create the competitive advantage of moving from Managing to Leading. Great leaders all share one common attribute - they have willing followers! jg+a will design and deliver strategic leadership skills development.

Leaders motivate, communicate with clarity and develop an innovative and energized working environment. They provide your organization with employee teams that readily provide discretionary effort which has immediate impact on business goals.

Developmental leadership defines corporate success and makes you an employer of choice.


Leading Change

Translating change into opportunity is an essential business skill that progressive organizations need to constantly revisit. The only business certainty today is that change will continue and it will be more rapid.

Make sure your organization is prepared to deal with the massive restructuring that is taking place globally with your clients, suppliers, partners and competitors.

jg+a offers instantly applicable direction & learning in all phases of large and small organizational change. 


Impact Communications

Perhaps the most critical Leadership skill is the capacity to communicate clearly and effectively. Organizations that don't need to constantly repeat directions or shared information save valuable time and avoid working groups operating by assumption.

Validation, body language and passion are all vital components of an impact communicator.

jg+a can improve your communication results. We use interactive communication events and share essential skill building exercises to enhance the business results you need to get through impact communications.


Company Policy

It is said that you can determine the personality of an Organization by simply reading their employee policies.

Let jg+a update and upgrade your employee policies and train your leadership team to interpret the policies with consistency.

Diversity, Human Rights and Managing Employee Performance & Development are all areas to be constantly upgraded. Have you included use of Company Computers and software in your policies? Perhaps you need to establish an Employee Skills Inventory or an Organizational Directory to support employee requests?

Employee Policy reflects your willingness to engage your staff. Make sure you are fully aware of how your policies are translated.



Third party facilitation is a progressive way to support decision making in all organizations. It can assist in creating organizational or departmental CONSENSUS on how to move forward, introduce change, provide conflict resolution or do innovative brainstorming.

Great jg+a facilitation:



There is a vast difference between understanding and embracing diversity. Organizations that understand diversity have knowledge. Organizations that embrace diversity use that knowledge as a competitive advantage.

When people of different races, different ethnicity, different colour, different gender, different age or different education come together to tackle a single challenge - they instantly provide a distinct competitive advantage! They see the issues through many different lenses.

How are your generation Xs and Ys engaging with your leadership team made up of mostly "Boomers?" jg+a can help!

jg+a can help in the transition of diversity awareness to really embrace and celebrate diversity.


Performance Management

If our greatest organizational assets are our employees, why not invest the time and support to manage and develop them. We see an organization's most substantial responsibility as "providing the opportunity for all employees to surpass their potential".

A strategic Performance Management process is the key to organizational growth.

Let jg+a customize the Performance Management process that fits your Organization. We will also train and develop your leadership team to apply the process equitably and with consistency.

The tremendous results that you can gain will have immediate influence in your organizational performance.


Team Recognition & Celebration

Just hit your business targets? Think you need to re-energize your teams?  Want to thank your employees for "busting it" over the past quarter/year? Just want to get your teams together and do some meaningful teambuilding?

Do it with jg+a.  We can design and lead an energized recognition or celebration format that will make a statement of commitment to your employees.

Experiential learning events and interventions that offer fun and learning can be designed for your particular need.



jg+a will address current issues with depth and humour.

We focus on change, Leadership Do's & Don'ts, Power of Teams, Organizational Wellness, Business Humour, "it happened on the way to _________", and Effective Ways to Destroy your Organization!

Contact us to discuss your Keynote needs.



The life-blood of each and every organization is their ability to challenge the status quo and drive for constant improvement.

It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result!

Energized brainstorming sessions can establish a hunger of continuous improvement. It can move organizations from NOW to WOW.

jg+a can share many innovative processes and introduce brainstorming practices that will mobilize the innovative energy already existing in your employee and leadership teams.

Don't get too comfortable with today's achievement. Keep looking for tomorrow's opportunity!